Belegenza D2 Dramatic Daily Volumizing Conditioner 6 Oz


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• Remarkable volume without drying out your hair; especially awesome on fine hair!.
• Replenishes, revives, protects, and extends hair color.
• Food-grade naturals that “feed” follicles: better growth.
• Restores flexibility and bounce to your hair when used every day.
• Concentrated formula, saves money & lasts longer!.
Imported from USA.
For the first time ever, FINE HAIR CAN BE CONDITIONED without
losing body and volume!

Fine hair performs dramatically better after it drinks this
ultra-light silicone-free fusion of vitamins, anti-aging
anti-oxidants and secret protein extracts.

The hair feels fantastic, heathier, and more lively!

Dramatic conditioner fortifies each hair, increasing its
structural support.

Fine and thinning hair’s looks and feels luxurious and responds
to your favorite styling!

A base of vegetable and plant juices Similar to our Illustrious
Shampoo, Dramatic’s active ingredients are derived from vegetable
and fruit juices.

Water is not added.

Typical professional products contains only 3% – 5% active
ingredients diluted in a base of water.

Dramatic contains 8-33% active ingredients. Color Safe – Salt and
Sulfate Free, so it can be used on hair that has Keratin or
Cysteine Treatments.

Designed to be used on a daily basis for all hair types,
Dramatic extends the life of hair color showing off the best of
your color!

Style with Perform for maximum results and/or other Belegenza
styling products.
Use daily for maximum volume and shine.

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