Malibu Leave-In Conditioner Mist 8 Oz


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Packed with gluten-free plant proteins and enriched with Vitamin B5 for moisturizing. 100% Vegan.
Repairs damaged hair, rebuilds inner hair structure, instantly detangles and restores manageability.
Nourishes and protects every strand of hair. Leaves hair looking and feeling more resilient.
Use immediatedly folowing your favorite Malibu C Wellness Treatment once a week

Malibu C leave-in Conditioner Mist features gluten-free plant proteins that penetrate deep into the hair shaft to instantly hydrate and detangle, revealing natural softness and shine. Restore manageability with this weightless, pH balanced thermal protector that also defends against UV damage. Recommended as a hair cutting mist and for daily use to strengthen hair for optimum resilience.

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